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One More Day



If I can make it through one more day, I can make it through anything

Just gotta put my feet on the ground, keep walking the walk til the sun goes down

For just one more day and I know that I got this

Yeah I’mma tell the world that I got this

Yeah, yeah, yeah, just one more day


Today’s the day they gonna like me (not likely)

They always trying to fight me

And my psyche might be mighty but they strike me with icees and steal my Nikes

You blame me for hating the hazing, that’s crazy that fearing for my safety makes me a baby

They beat me in the stall then post pictures on my wall

Can you tell me y’all, how is this not against the law?

Teachers call me a liar, sitting behind their blinders

No advocates or fighters in my corner, only silence

I’ve never felt kindness, they’re primed like a pride of lions

But through this mindless violence I find I’m a survivor

This moment here is timeless because of what’s inside us

I’m fully learning bullies are spineless (hey, it’s science)

They might be giants, but they ain’t the boss of me

And they ain’t causing me one more day of atrocity




Once again back in school, my best friend Jim sometimes acts a fool

Our classmates stare at him because he dates a Native American

Like, “Oh it’s so embarrassing.” Haha!

They surrounded Jim, doused him in paintballs at his house again

How come when he’s down the outcome is his crowd of friends get fake like counterfeits? Ah!

So he pounds his chest, screams to relieve all the amount of stress

He probably says he’s ‘bout to wow his friends cause Jim has been reborn and found again, ah!

So the moral is, you should listen close to what the chorus says

One day at a time pay no mind to a bully and be ready to go live your life fully!




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