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I'm on a mission. I might look like any other rapper (on second thought, have you ever seen a rapper decked out in superhero t-shirts and hats?). But to me, this is about more than just music. God has changed my life, and I hope as I share a little bit of myself with you that he will change yours as well.


Life is about so much more than success or money or popularity. God created us to know him, and until we do we're just walking around with a big piece of us missing. That's how it was for me. On the surface I had things together, but inside I was depressed, confused and lost. I still might feel those things resurface from time to time, but now I know my purpose. I'm not lost anymore.


Do you know God? If not, I encourage you to change that. You can get to know God (or get to know him better) by talking to him, reading the Bible, and spending time around people who know him. Ask him to show himself to you. He will, just like he did to me.


This is my mission. What's yours?

My Mission

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