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It ain’t over yet, it’s time for my next set

Doing my best to connect the dead to the Resurrect

That’s correct, we’re all zombies, our insides are rotting

Until we answer His calling pieces will keep falling off

But you scoff and mock that you’re lost

You talk a big talk and walk over the cross

But boss, you’re mistaken if you’re thinking you’re escapin’

I’m like me on the radio, I ain’t playin’

I’m just sayin’, Bless me Father

Each step is getting harder as I’m pressing through the slaughter

Refreshing the living water

Lay my offer at the altar for my Potter for my Author

As it’s getting darker, help me stand out for Your sons and daughters

Shine a light like Uncle Fester, bright like a professor

I walk in with my own theme music like I’m a wrestler

Take that to the bank, I give praise to my Investor

Call me coal cause my soul diamonds under pressure

When it’s hard I’m still believin’ got my eyes set on Jesus

He’s the reason Erik Stephen’s heathen heart is even beating

He’s the air that I’m breathing, His Word’s what I’m eating

He’s my beginning and my ending and like Jimmy I Needhim

So feed me Your instruction, keep me from the destruction

The easy road’s constructed of thievery, lies and seduction

In the end it leads to nothing, Lord make my life something

Got me busting and hustling for Your kingdom and Second Coming

Running these streets, loving Your sheep with something to eat

Outreach to all peeps from the chic down to the least

No matter the region, we’re all products of Eden

And all who believe Him are redeemed to His kingdom

So if you wanna be a free man you gotta worship the Lamb

You can’t fathom but He’ll change your Adam into He-Man

But it’s more than labels He disables all the fables

Watch it like cable, my God’s more powerful than Greyskull (3x)


So I give Him my worship, He crushed the head of the serpent

And even though I don’t deserve it God made me his servant

I’mma work it til He returns and turns the earth to a furnace

And burns it on purpose, He’s perfect so I’m certain it’s curtains



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