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In This Moment



In this moment me and you could fly around the sun and land on the moon

Watch the world turn as we look down from above

In this moment I feel so in love


I must confess, I need to get this off my chest

Lately I’ve been stressed, at best I’m depressed

I mean what kind of man lets his wife go homeless?

I never dealt with how I felt, helpless and hopeless

There’s no rest and no sleep weeping on my knees

Screaming and pleading, “Baby, please don’t leave me!”

You have every reason for leaving, I keep freezing when it’s heated

But you’re staying cause you’re saying it’s us you believe in

For better or worse always remember our word

We’ll weather this earth together forever whether treasured or cursed

It might be work but we’ll grade it on the curve

Nothing more matters to me than the family we deserve

Be reassured, we’ll endure everything that occurs

Even when the lines of reality blur past absurd

Of this I’m sure, I’ll never turn

I love you now and forever and I’ll always put you first




Now I told you from the beginning that this moment is classic

But what I didn’t tell you is this moment stays active

The fact is, nothing can match it, haters’ll gas it

But even when it’s catching fire you’ll still be my Katniss

I took this moment and froze it, it’s you and I that own it

Every opponent knows it and it shows in the way we’re glowing

I have a half a notion to open up every ocean

And drown out all the commotion so you never lose my focus

Explosions couldn’t move me, my demons can’t consume me

Removing the dark and gloomy and choosing pursuing beauty

It’s screwy how those loonies judge everything that we’re doing

Let ‘em watch, they’ll be viewing a movie of you and me

Who they be? It doesn’t matter, let them all chatter

This whole world could shatter, we’ll still live happily ever after

And write our next chapter and edit out distractors

That left us broke and fractured and fill it with joy and laughter




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