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Changing the World feat. JN



We’re making headlines, bright like a headlight

We’re changing the world

Even the landmines can’t stop us tonight

We’re changing the world

What you know about it?

What you know about it?

What you know about it?


They told me to leave ‘em, heathens ain’t worth the air that they’re breathin’

But King MC is teaming with Jimmy Needham to help lead them to freedom

Give them a reason Jesus is more than a season

The Enemy be defeated as you can see in the readings

It’s time to change the world, boys and girls, lay down your words

And pick up love, it’s the stuff to crush all the hurt

Reading the Word, it’s what Jesus prefers

He takes those the world deserts and gives them their worth

So who are you to blame them, the Lamb of God was slain

In blood that covers up the stains that we were bathed in

From the layman all the way unto the famous

Those who say His name, He will claim them and save them

Let’s face it, grace is not what we have made it

It’s not a case-by-case basis, we can’t fake it

Go back to the basics with love like it’s amazing

The planet’s in His hands, here’s our chance to change it




Throw up the roadblock but baby we won’t stop

We’re not giving up, lift Him up and watch the foes drop

We’ll arm the armed guards, my soldiers we march hard

If we happen to fall apart get recharged by His scars

Then take it to the streets, let’s teach and preach the cross

That’s great you speak Greek but how does that reach the lost?

If they’re lost in translation then where does that place them

If the presentation is hindering their salvation?

So stop that, backtrack and recap

Then escape that last trap and attack

Got the enemy in our sights, this ends tonight

Shining bright for the Light, the Christ, in all His might

So where my soldiers at? Cause Satan, we ain’t holding back

And we won’t relax til your reign’s smoldering ash

Did you catch that? I said we ain’t holding back

We won’t relax til your reign is smoldering ash




Bring on the opposition, it won’t stop our position

We’re not moving, we’re not moving

We won’t stop when you say so

A million souls are halos

We’re not moving





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