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Falling Stars (Church People)



A time’s gonna come when we’re taken away

What will we be coming for before that day?

You gotta have faith until the dark

Gotta let go of all the scars

Everyone needs a little spark

Let’s light it all up like falling stars


You’re confirming all the bad things I’m always believing

About myself and the Deity and all human beings

I’ve got this spiral commencing, I’ve gone from peace to despairing

I say I’m hurting but I don’t get an idea that you’re caring

Church becomes symbolic of a misery that’s deepening

Leaving me knee-deep in bleeding when I came here for healing

Family’s what they’re preaching but their lives void the meaning

My heart’s stinging, now I’m hating exactly what I’m needing

I said I was there for no one else but the Lord

Yet through this pain that I’m feeling, I’ve tried so hard to ignore

I feel His presence ever more in those six days before

He’s always with me so it’s fellowship with you I came for

Instead you’re slamming the door which hammers harder than Thor

It feels like we’ve been through war and I need to be restored

I’m not asking a lot or demanding your thoughts

It’s just intriguing where religion begins the church stops




Blissfully you’re praising, raising, praying then amen

You’re always greeting the same friends and I don’t know my placement

I bet someday we’ll be hanging, you’ll remember my name then

You’ll act so shocked to finally hear just what I’ve been saying

Over years it’s just the tide of many people’s opinions

If I can make it that long, I bet I’ll be welcomed in

You’ll start getting my message asking why I never mentioned

As if answers can be given in the absence of questions

I’ve dreamt that you might know me but contempt’s what you’ve shown me

I need to repent of resent and revenge that is growing

As I’m loathing all the holies dressed up in their church clothing

While a lonely lowly is holding on only for their doting

As you’re seeking out to know me, see my heart’s slowly opening

I’m taking steps toward showing who I am, grace is flowing

Take this slowly, I’m really not ready to start hoping

If you love me then you’ll show me

That’s the least that you owe me




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