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Fighter II featuring AliciaAnn Whitfield


Ready or not, it’s time for opening shots

If they get blocked on the spot, doesn’t mean you can stop

At all costs you gotta squash all those negative thoughts

It’s hard fought whether win or loss I’m giving you props

You might be defeated, your body weak and depleted

Bruised and bleeding, tubes for feeding but you’ll never be beaten

So be a beacon of freedom for everyone who is breathing

The bell is ringing, on your feet and get your fists to start swinging



Get up and fight, no quit tonight

Don’t hide your light


You gotta get up and fight, remember this is your life

Don’t think twice, the time for playing nice is over (that’s right)

There’s a price for your prize, yo that’s just my advice

Cause you’re a fighter, you’re a fighter



Throw off the gloves because enough is enough

Life is rough and sometimes you fisticuffs in the mud

Then get up and shrug and brush off the blood

Don’t be stunned that you’re tough

You’re not done, you’ve just begun

Nothing’s final til it’s final, being idle’s suicidal

It’s vital that you go tribal on your rival

This is not a recital, this is for your survival

There is more on the line than a purse, belt or title




Face to face with your giant

Thoughts of defeat are so vibrant

Hope in the Lord keeps you defiant

Only with Him you’ll be triumphant!


You’re at the end of the match and you’ve run out of gas

All you wanna do is just crash and tap out on the mat

Well whining’s for brats and crying’s for cats

You’re just refining your stance because shining’s for champs

Plant your feet on the ground, hold out for one more round

You gotta pounce when it counts and rebound when you’re down

Announce to the crowds that this is your house

Now make a vow that those doubts are no longer allowed




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